Sudoku tournament

I have just returned from The Independent Regional Sudoku Tournament held in a hotel on the seafront of Brighton. Unfortunately, I only managed to complete the first two puzzles in the 45 minutes given. The third puzzle had an annoying error somewhere and the fourth puzzle (probably the hardest) was only half complete when time was called.

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Battles at IKEA and the pigeons live another day

Yesterday, Leah told me more about her day out (literally) at IKEA. At the checkout, she had a problem with the price of the dog basket and caused a huge queue in one of the three tills open that day. She let a couple people with only a few items ahead of her, but this made things worse as one spent 15 minutes getting all of their cards declined one after the other.

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Loads of Bullshit

As I cook some spaghetti, it may be a good time to update a blog that hasn’t seen much action recently. Those heady days of daily updates… ahh well, never mind.

Over the past few days I have transferred my broadband from NTL to, the four times faster, Bulldog. It hasn’t been a walk in the park.

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A tale of a slow host

In effort to get some good search engine listings for, I had a look at all the sites linking to it. Most of the links were from Konstantin’s blog (also hosted at Nahoo), others from some crappy link directories and one from a web hosting forum.

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Spamming on ICQ with authorizations

I am continually receiving authorizations on my ICQ from two different users with a URL as their alias. I could ignore the user from the authorization window, but that would make no difference as there is a new ICQ number each time.

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