Womad and Manly photos

I was meant to be at the WOMAD festival in Reading today, but my Sunday ticket failed to arrive in the post this week. By the time I called the ticket office, they were already closed for the weekend. At least I’ll be going to another festival in August: Reading Festival.

I took a little time to update my photo gallery with some of the Manly Beach photos taken on my first day in Australia.

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My server downloads

I have been on the phone to EV1 Servers this evening trying to work out why I could only connect to my server at 15 Kb/s on my 8 Mbit connection. They told me the that there was a problem somewhere in the first email, then a little later on they reported that everything was fine. I am a little worried that such a powerful server is being let down by a variable connection.

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Design Extreme redesign

I would really like to create a new site design for Design Extreme that makes a better point of selling website design services, domains and hosting. At the moment, most of the search terms used to find the website have no relation to what happens there.

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Getting domains

This week I successfully grabbed the domain name dahost.com for the hosting website and server already at dahost.net. At the beginning of the month someone tried to sell me their services to get the domain name as it expired, but I managed just fine using the Snapnames service.

Redroaster Mocha

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House Of Cyn party

Last night I was invited to join Letitcia for the launch party of an adult website in London. As Cynthia wished for some Brighton transvestites to appear (and too few were around), I was listed as the last TV of six invited.

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