Leah’s visit

Leah come to visit for a few days at the start of the week. She seems to like it here as there are lots of shops, everyone seems relaxed and it seems more continental than other places.

On Wednesday we walked along the Palace Pier without going on any of the rides. I don’t often go to the pier as it is really tacky and there’s always bad music playing on the loud speakers and, above all, there are loads of tourists around.

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Virus messages

In response to a client forwarding me an email with the subject: Virus alert!!

It is bad form to send people notices about viruses. However bad the virus may be to someone else – it ain’t causing a problem for me or you.

These emails simply have a counter-productive role in combating antivirus. Some of these emails even contain the virus itself.

So, in the future delete such stupid emails (usually sent by idiots). They really don’t serve any purpose and may actually be harmful.

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Tori’s BBQ

Yesterday, Lydia and I went up to Tori’s place for a birthday BBQ. Darien flew over from The Hague with his new girl friend and quite a few of Tori’s work colleagues were there already.

Some of Tori’s guests were surprised on how nice the food was (they hadn’t been before). I had a vodka with lemonade and then a Pimms, but it seemed to go to my head pretty quickly even though I already had quite a bit to eat.

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