Our Sudoku in a national newspaper

Good news! After 6 months of waiting, we have finally secured a Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku deal with one of the big UK national newspapers. Our Sudoku puzzles will now be played by millions of people in UK throughout the week. More details will be posted here closer to the publishing date.

Samurai Sudoku

For now, if you want to try out your own 5-grid Samurai Sudoku puzzles, go to Sudoku Generator and get a full account there.

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BBQ in Alfriston

Ooh, its a hot day and I am going to Lydia’s dad’s farm in Alfriston for a BBQ. I’ll put some photos here when I get back. I’ll miss the football, but England will win 3 – 1 or something so there’s not much point watching it. Also, Conny is meant to be in Brighton (on a week holiday from his new home in Switzerland), but he hasn’t called me since he arrived a few days ago. Where are you Conny?

Lydia with a shire horse

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