New UK server

I got a new web server in the UK to replace the previous one that had a bad kernel and one of the drives in the RAID array failed. This one is a HP P4 3.2GHz 64Bit CPU with 2GB RAM, 250Gb SATA RAID 1 and unlimited data-transfer on a 10Mbps connection. Some of my clients have contacted me about the noticeable improvement in speed.

HP P4 3.2GHz 64Bit CPU with 2GB RAM, 250Gb SATA RAID 1

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nVidia graphics on SuSE 10.1

As I want to move some of the more CPU intensive scripts away from live web servers, I have installed SuSE 10.1 on my own computer. Unfortunately, the graphics card didn’t have the Linux drivers available on the installation disk, making 1600×1200 resolutions unavailable. One thing that I must have on my 20.1" LCD screen is the native resolution for an OS – otherwise it annoys the hell out of me.

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2Shame going up

I have added a creative commons copyright message to my friend’s new website:

This news site will allow investigative journalists the chance to publish their findings to a worldwide audience about their dealings with corrupt people, organisations and governments.

It starts with the estate agents… what have they got to hide?

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