A tale of a slow host

In effort to get some good search engine listings for dahost.net, I had a look at all the sites linking to it. Most of the links were from Konstantin’s blog (also hosted at Nahoo), others from some crappy link directories and one from a web hosting forum.

This thread mentions one of my unsuccessful hosting ventures: Slow Host. The website is basically a piss-take of hosting websites, with a slogan "we cut corners so you don’t have to".

I was surprised the someone actually looked at the website at all – in the year it had the slowhost.com domain, it didn’t attract a single customer. The only feedback I received was from someone on ICQ asking is I was serious. The thread, titled "wow, an honest host for once" is quite funny with some choice quotes like: "Lack of decent support – … but we will try our best. Really!".

Have a look… and perhaps even sign up for the exact figure of 29.218 Gb of data-transfer for only £5 a month.

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