New Ageless By Glynis Barber Website on Laptop

Ageless By Glynis Barber

Another website launch: Ageless By Glynis Barber, this time from a co-working space in tropical Ubud, Bali!

This one is a while coming, Glynis wasn’t sure about redeveloping the site so soon after the previous version, but it was worth it and now it is complete and running smoothly. The previous website was quite static with the latest articles hidden away in a maze of odd page hierarchies, this one presents the newest articles top and centre with slide show image and text data collected from the articles themselves.

The Ageless logo is actually my handwriting drawn onto my touchscreen in Illustrator, then modified (to make it evenly positioned) and a brush stroke applied to the line.

Ageless By Glynis Barber Logo SVG

Other features and services in this project include disguising the WordPress archive to behave like proper categories with nice URLs, smarter breadcrumbs, auto-posting to Facebook and Twitter, inserting content without editing the template files, a complementary MailChimp template, close-up photography tutorials for products, basic image editing and sourcing free stock photos.

Close Up Photography with iPhone 6

There are still a few little things to do, but most of the work is done for now!

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  1. Hi Web Guy, wherever you are! Loving the new Ageless site! So much easier to find posts & the tag cloud is brill! Such a fresh look too! Great job! ??

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