Annie Gurton

Annie Gurton – Psychological Therapist

Another WordPress website has gone live this week: this one is for Annie Gurton who needed a little help to make her website appear a little more professional and consistent. Annie is psychological therapist based in the Northern Beaches near Sydney and we’ve known each other for over 15 years from the time I was living in Cornwall.

I’ve updated the existing WordPress website using its original theme. Most of the pages throughout the website are the same as before and Annie will perform updates here herself when she finds the time between her work. There are quite a few pages there, so I’ve organised the menu, reordered pages and renamed some of the URLs.

Tyranny of Distance

Another website that has finally gone live today is the Tyranny of Distance cafe and bar in Windsor. This uses WordPress the Avada theme. It isn’t a great example of a bar website, mainly due to their very limited budget (it halved after I agreed to make their site) and the poor choice of theme (now I know better). Avada really isn’t pleasant to use compared to other responsive theme and the HTML it generates is quite bulky, so not great for SEO.

Tyranny of Distance

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