Battles at IKEA and the pigeons live another day

Yesterday, Leah told me more about her day out (literally) at IKEA. At the checkout, she had a problem with the price of the dog basket and caused a huge queue in one of the three tills open that day. She let a couple people with only a few items ahead of her, but this made things worse as one spent 15 minutes getting all of their cards declined one after the other.

The dog basket, listed as only £5, with no price tag added another half an hour. A woman from a Croydon estate started shouting at Leah and Will to get a move on and started threatening them. This started another woman off who was behind her. Leah and Will made the whole thing more interesting as they just laughed at the irate woman from Croyden. Leah told her that she was acting like a little kid and she found her behaviour laughable. The lady behind her moaned about her kids and Leah asked why she would bring her kids to IKEA in the first place?

The best bit was left to last: the poor guy at the till simply left after Leah and Will paid up, saying that he simply can’t work under these conditions. IKEA, I love it.

Today is yet another really sunny day in Brighton. Lydia and I went to play a round of Badminton – only one as the cheap hour was nearly up when we arrived.

The pigeons outside our house are keeping Lydia awake at night. As the rat poison hasn’t attracted much attention, the next option was the air rifle. As we don’t happen to own one of these, we tried our luck a gunsmiths. They didn’t offer air rifles for hire and the full powered air rifles we required started at £180. So, no dead pigeons today.

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