Bringing a programmer to a computer and making him work

Its been a busy week for our JavaScript programmer David. As our deadlines were approaching Lydia and I decided that the only way to get the JavaScript Sudoku front-end working in time would be to sit him down at my computer and then feed him for the time it took to complete the task.

JavaScript Sudoku front-end notes

He arrived on Wednesday evening after suffering from severe conjunctivitis in one eye that same morning. The day before he escorted a friend to hospital because a kiln dropped on his foot… so, by this time we had had enough of these distractions and told him to come to our house for a distraction-free evening at the computer focused on one thing only.

After a night and a day of coffee, beer and honey and lemon drinks on tap, David had made some good headway with the programming work. There were no “cool” little functions that had no use, just the Sudoku game play area that we wanted.

I’ll be posting all the details about the new Sudoku tool when the daily Sudoku is launched at Sudoku Solver.

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