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Another responsive website goes live! This WordPress based website is for Dhirindar Bhullar who wants a proper presence (not just Facebook) for his osteopath clinic: DB Osteopaths, near Heathrow airport.

I’ve been using the highly-versatile X Theme for WordPress which makes it easy to add blocks of responsive content, outside of the usual WordPress editing interface. It was easy to add full width photos, contact forms, content within multiple even and uneven columns… If you want to build a decent WordPress website, I’d highly recommend their theme because it works with real content and doesn’t depend on one amazing feature photo to carry the design (that most people don’t have or need).

I would really like to have something in Cornerstone (the editing platform) that could copy elements between pages or simply clone the pages entirely. I did try a page clone plugin, but this breaks the link between pages and only makes things worse.

Deep Tissue G5 Machine Treatment
Photography – Deep Tissue G5 Machine Treatment

Now, back to work on a couple other WordPress websites that need to go live very soon… It’s good to be busy!

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