Dream story

Just had a cool dream that was a mixture of the most recent Doctor Who, the Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe and the Stargate SG1 episode with that one way mirror portal.

It was something about two girls (around 11 years) who inadvertently find a portal to another time by accessing another girl’s dreams. They believe they are dreaming too, but in fact it is reality. They cannot discover that they are in a real world, otherwise they’ll break the gateway to the other realm. The portal is in the future in a country house and two other people, myself (aged 14) and a little boy (probably 8 or 9) who understand about the portal. We regularly go to this other time, spending longer and longer in this place (as the present time is fixed, but the future time moves forward). I think the girl (who is dreaming) is ill because one day she dies while we are still in the future and the two other girl’s hold the last chance of returning to the past. As they do not know they hold the key and travel through the portal a doorway, they cannot see the importance of their actions on that occasion. There is a door with a static cat’s face just visible (the cat just glanced into this realm without going far enough). The two girls idly walk through the doorway much earlier than we had thought. I run towards the door and I make it back just in time but the younger boy is trapped. He continues to live around 60 years in the future as he didn’t make it back to his own time. Unfortunately, as the present day has changed so much it is unlikely that he will ever exist in the first place. I am left wondering what that cat saw…

Damn, it doesn’t make any sense when you write it down….

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    Could i get your contact details?

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