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This week I successfully grabbed the domain name for the hosting website and server already at At the beginning of the month someone tried to sell me their services to get the domain name as it expired, but I managed just fine using the Snapnames service.

Redroaster Mocha

Earlier this week I successfully moved the website at to my Xenacia server without the previous website designer being any the wiser. He was refusing to give any kind of control to the owner of the, despite the fact that she had fully paid for the design and maintenance.

We were recently asked by the owner of to make available the code and the database we created for ooohh when we helped them out when they lost their previous hosting arrangement…..

Despite assurances they were not moving hosting we now find a new site, with our code and database, minus of course our “designed by information”, hosted elsewhere. While we have no problem with clients moving hosts we did state that we required one months notice if they were to move, plus retention of our “designed by label”. (Under the law we retain intelectual property rights on the code used). Of course none of this has been honoured!

We consider this as gross breach of our rights, and have advised them of the following:

1) To remove all photos and details of our clients
2) That we intend to pursue matters to protect our hosting and property rights.

This is not the first time, why do people need to be so underhanded, I will never understand it.

This is all so wrong is funny. Why would anyone want to post such crap news on their own “website designer” pages? From any angle, this is grossly unprofessional – this type of (ex)client commentary should be kept to a blog (if it really must to go somewhere). I have to point out that he has made a really poor effort to pursue his legal matters – no one has received any communication from him. Its not that the site actually belongs to him anyway…

There is a very good reason why people are underhanded, they don’t want to lose their own websites. Why would anyone want their business controlled by someone who can do whatever they choose and self-promote their services for their own financial gain?

The Sudoku website is doing very well, with well over 1,000 members now and almost 3,000 Sudoku puzzles generated since we launched the generators last Wednesday. The site now brings in around 40,000 hits a day. Lots of other things are taking off much more quickly than we expected. The Sudoku syndication is attracting attention from all over place. It looks like there will soon be quite a lot of printed media with our name on in the very near future.

There are still some Sudoku left at the Redroaster cafe. Around 100 of these disappear each day.

Redroaster Sudoku

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