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Last night I was invited to join Letitcia for the launch party of an adult website in London. As Cynthia wished for some Brighton transvestites to appear (and too few were around), I was listed as the last TV of six invited.

I met Letitcia at the Selfridges Hotel located nearby. It was a very stuffy evening and the hotel room was not ventilated well and the corridor on the third floor smelt like an overflowed toilet.

On checking for my name on the list, the lady at the door complained that I really hadn’t tried very hard with my appearance. I tried to convey that I really wasn’t a transvestite at all, but she didn’t hear me. At the time I took it to mean that I generally looked shabbily dressed for the occasion – not the best start for what I thought was a mega-posh-do.

Thanks to the lovely glass roof, nearly everyone was having a hard time keeping their cool. It felt like I was the only one perspiring, but as I looked more closely at the people around me, this wasn’t the case at all.


Letitcia informed me that I was representing some Brighton magazines as their photographer. I should have started straight away, but I made a decision to leave people to their free champagne; then taking photos of a more interesting crowd.


Cynthia appeared to be a little flustered with the occasion, I think that she was pissed off with the organisers putting up such an ill-thought out event. I don’t remember seeing one piece of information relating to any website or anything – it appeared that the organisers completely forgot about anything relating to a “launch” at all.

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