Umm, well… I didn’t do very much today on account on the previous couple of nights. Sheona was a little dazed by the time we woke up in the afternoon and she suffered from memory loss. Even the photos and videos of the previous night didn’t produce recollections past a certain time.

I tried out some chicken kebabs and lamb sausages cooked on the BBQ by wedging them into a couple of sandwiches. The chicken kebabs were very good.

Jamie and I played a few games of pool. He is good at the games as he has had a pool table around for most of his life as his parents make pool and snooker tables.

Sheona sorted through some photos for her online gallery and I sorted out some business with Lydia at the internet cafe in Epping centre.

In the evening we watched “Intermission” before going to sleep, sober for once.

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