Loads of Bullshit

As I cook some spaghetti, it may be a good time to update a blog that hasn’t seen much action recently. Those heady days of daily updates… ahh well, never mind.

Over the past few days I have transferred my broadband from NTL to, the four times faster, Bulldog. It hasn’t been a walk in the park.

First of all Bulldog decided that I didn’t want my existing phone line with Onetel. I specifically requested a new number as they were on special offer (£1). I discovered that no one was calling me at home any more as they had transferred the line to themselves.

Yesterday, Bulldog continually disconnected my call to customer support each time I tried to sort out my phone line. I had to wait until today today to actually talk to someone and sort out the mess.

As I do not have a ADSL modem with Ethernet, I have had to share the internet connection with Lydia’s computer from the free USB modem they sent me. I hope that the Windows firewall holds out until I buy a better modem from eBay. I appear to have found a good Netgear modem with the DM602 as it should tie-in with the router and firewall I already have.

I am now less inclined to recommend Bulldog broadband to others purely due to their awful customer service. I wasted most of the day trying to call them to no avail. You have to select option 1, wait for the "try using the website" blurb and then you are told that they are "extremely" busy. So busy in fact, they just hang up on you. When I do get through, it is only after half-an-hour of the same music over and over again.

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