Lydia’s table

Leah called up today to say she was coming down to Brighton with Will. She mentioned that they were going to do a little shopping at IKEA on the way down.

Conveniently, Lydia needed a better computer table for her new Shuttle computer. The IKEA website offered quite a few options that simply didn’t exist in the store, so we settled for the Birch effect.

A few hours later I called Leah to find that she was still there! Now she decided to grab all of her stuff from her old place in Epsom and make her way to Brighton with everything in Will’s van.

I did a search on Google to find that someone else had created a Super Sudoku solver. I took down the "only Super Sudoku on the Internet" announcement from the Super Sudoku website.

Lydia discussed the Sudoku generator project on the beach. She was going to start with the 9×9 Sudoku generator before going onto the Super Sudoku generator. This way, the levels of difficulty can be calculated mathematically on the more common Sudoku puzzles before going onto the unknown quantity of the Super Sudoku version.

In my experience, the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle is mainly down to the types of logic used and the swapping between different methods. A simple puzzle requires more of the same, a complex solution requires many different methods applied at the right moment.

I have created a document listing many cool features for the Sudoku websites, but I’ll wait a little before mentioning them here.

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