Meeting madness and Brighton and Reading clubs

It has been a very busy week. I am sure that I have more meetings about new websites over the last 10 days then I had for the entire Summer!

Lydia and I fine tuned the Sudoku Solver newsletter in preparation for its launch into over 7,000 inboxes (yes, they are members, not random emails nicked from Sudoku websites and forums). We created quite a packed newsletter with mainly information about the site features, but also an interesting Maths-lite article on the number of solutions that are possible in a 3×3 Sudoku. Have a read for yourself.

Lydia, Noah and Sheona at the Engine Rooms in Brighton

The Birthday weekend went really well… albeit lacking a few of the friends I had invited. They all had their excuses… no matter, Sheona, Lydia and I had a great time going to various pubs and clubs in Brighton and Reading.

Lydia and I in a cheap pub in Reading

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