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Looks like other people want their own Blog now… I’ll be creating a new one for Angie today. If I have time, I’ll also create a new design for Sheona’s blog as it uses the default css at the moment.

I’ll try and start writing some more interesting stuff about my work over the next few days. Each time I mention a client I will need to disguise their identities… unless they want a link to their own sites.

Today, I sorted out a domain transfer from Valiant, bypassing a website designer and host that is not willing to cooperate with his client’s wishes. He has the belief that people’s own website FTP details are his own property and should not be shared under any circumstances.

This approach to website design, or hosting for that matter, is alien to me. Why would anyone want to hide this information unless they have something to hide? It simply shows disrespect for the website’s rightful owner on two counts. Firstly, they are not able update their own website; secondly, they are too ignorant/stupid to handle their hosting account.

I have experienced domains transfers from Valiant on a previous occasion, it left me £15 poorer just to change the IPS Tag. Fortunately, a simply registrant email address update doesn’t require any identification or payment. Looks like I’ll be transferring this one for free.

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