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I have been on the phone to EV1 Servers this evening trying to work out why I could only connect to my server at 15 Kb/s on my 8 Mbit connection. They told me the that there was a problem somewhere in the first email, then a little later on they reported that everything was fine. I am a little worried that such a powerful server is being let down by a variable connection.

A puzzle publisher in UK is interested in some Sudoku puzzles. It looks like there will be Sudokus from all over the world in no time. Lydia is just finishing the second version of the Sudoku generator program. It takes slighly longer to generate the 3×3 puzzles, but now their quality is unsurpassed. The Sudoku generator website will be able to create Sudokus that would normally be reserved for books and magazines. These Sudoku puzzles will focus on the actual difficulty of the human logic used to solve, rather than more obvious factors.

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