Loads of Bullshit

As I cook some spaghetti, it may be a good time to update a blog that hasn’t seen much action recently. Those heady days of daily updates… ahh well, never mind.

Over the past few days I have transferred my broadband from NTL to, the four times faster, Bulldog. It hasn’t been a walk in the park.

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A tale of a slow host

In effort to get some good search engine listings for dahost.net, I had a look at all the sites linking to it. Most of the links were from Konstantin’s blog (also hosted at Nahoo), others from some crappy link directories and one from a web hosting forum.

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Spamming on ICQ with authorizations

I am continually receiving authorizations on my ICQ from two different users with a URL as their alias. I could ignore the user from the authorization window, but that would make no difference as there is a new ICQ number each time.

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Super Sudoku solver

Lydia is continuing work on the Sudoku solvers for a 9×9 and 16×16 Sudoku puzzles. I “greyed” out the login bit at the top of the page, but it still looks bad and out of place. I’ll go back to Photoshop and create a special area on the left menu to house the quick login box.

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Retrospective for one month

This year was meant to see the start of a new blog, but I couldn’t decide upon a good platform on which to write this. On returning from Australia someone mentioned MovableType, a tool that I have previously installed for others, so here it is with its very own Nahoo subdomain.

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