Umm, well… I didn’t do very much today on account on the previous couple of nights. Sheona was a little dazed by the time we woke up in the afternoon and she suffered from memory loss. Even the photos and videos of the previous night didn’t produce recollections past a certain time.

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Maquirie and Manly

It is the 20th January and I have just arrived at Sydney International Airport. All my toiletries were moved from the heavy hand-luggage (10kg at the start) to the main luggage so I handn’t shaved or washed properly since leaving London 30 hours earlier. The time of arrival was 12 hours ahead of when I thought it would be, 7am rather than 7pm, so Sheona was still asleep rather than waiting at the Arrivals lounge with a fake name sign (I still don’t know what she would have written).

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