PJ Putters

PJ Putters goes live

Just completed a revamp of a Weebly website, moving it to WordPress and improving its usability for all devices and ironing out the quote and ordering process for the putter restoration and renovation process.

The existing ordering process was very manual – with several interactions needed to get the putter posted to Peter for its work. I tried to gather all the required information that is needed to produce a quote, including multiple photo uploads, so Peter can reply with all the information needed for the customer to post off their putter.

The testimonials section is quite expansive, so this has been trimmed in length with a simple toggle button to reveal all the reviews. I think “less is more” but the feedback is really detailed and positive, so it will be tricky for Peter to cull some of these.

There were a lot of photos that needed presenting well and in a more organised way compared to before – so I used an existing, free WordPress plugin called Filter Gallery to present nearly 100 images of putters with filtering by their brand and a lightbox for the full versions of each image. I’ve also used a nice before/after script to compare the rusted versions of a putter with its fully renovated version. The existing photos didn’t align too well, so I did my best to make it work until new photos are available.

Check out the new website for Peter Janes at pjputters.com.

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