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The owner of my server provider Webtapestry has sent me yet another email telling me how fortunate I am not to be paying more money with them. They use this as a get out clause for any problems with the service. Whenever I complain about an issue to do with any aspect of their service or any financial matters, I get the same gumph…

Here is a copy of the email I sent him regarding the monthly payment of lacklustre server-side Spam filtering services:

1. I complain about your service
2. You just tell me how “lucky” I am not to be paying more.

Q. Is this a good way to keep your clients?
A. NO!

If I wanted excellent value for money, I would use Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo which have free email filtering services. I have an increasing number of clients who don’t bother using their domain’s email address because of the lack of control on the spam (and the lack of decent webmail).

I pay £20 a month to remove most of the hassle of spam getting to important email accounts that would otherwise be plagued by large quantities of crap. Every time your service falls down, I get a number of agitated phone calls and complaints from my handful of customers that are paying for the service. The few remaining customers cancel their trial period leaving me with the majority of the bill.

I do want to continue with the service as it is better than no filtering, but the price bears no resemblance to the quality I, or anyone else, expects.

Giving you money for a supposedly professional service which is this unreliable just doesn’t add up. You should stop charging anyone for this until you can get it working for a month without any problems. Anything else is dishonest.

What difference does it make where I register my .com domain names?

When I first ordered the dedicated server, I was presented with two equally priced options:
1. The easier option: leave WT to manage the emails~
2. At the time, the harder option: Have emails managed on the server

I have never been formally presented anything relating to these charges you talk about. I just receive the occasional mention of this awesome free service that would normally cost any other user a fortune. So, present all the charges that I should be paying, rather than using this as an ongoing threat.

I hope I have made my situation clear.

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