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Server White Listing for Clients

ConfigServer Firewall has been great at keeping unwanted users at bay on my web servers, but it also causes plenty of problems – notably when the SMTP authentication fails multiple times. This is usually caused by an email account trying to send an email and repeatedly using bad credentials to login. After a short period of time, CSF or cPHulk kicks in and blocks all communication with their website.

Managing this is a pain as there is no way (as far as I can tell) to allow clients to white list themselves when this happens. So, I’ve put up a page on a different server that handles requests for white listing.

There are two components here: one for the self-contained request page and a bash script to handle the white listing quickly, away from cPanel.

You will need to edit this file and create a log file, preferably above web root, to handle the IP requests. Storing this in a table is an alternative.

Place this page on a different server to your own. Access the logs by adding adding your random code = 1 to the URL, e.g. ?soMeRanD0mCod3234=1. You can contact me if you’re interested in a free sub domain account.

This is the bash script that white lists the IP if there is a genuine request:

I have mine running at: and there is a simple page on the test server.

2 thoughts on “Server White Listing for Clients”

  1. I corrected the JavaScript to cycle through a few different attempts to connect using the client browser. It now works consistently with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

  2. Recently I have automated some of the white listing processes. If you show you interest here, I will reply individually to you and if there is suitable interest, I’ll update this post with my improvements.

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