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I just finished a pretty nauseating conversation with Sheona’s mum’s newish boyfriend. The shit started after he said that he had "heard all about me"… (groan). I continued with the something along the lines of "You’ve heard about all my gay escapades?". From then on, he was hooked into a downward spiral of sexual references.

I continued about all the lude acts that I had done in my depravity… including only remembering the names of people that I hadn’t slept with. He appeared to buy every word – sarcasm really didn’t seem to work on Skype for this guy.

Then he started talking about his penis size… (e.g. how enormous it was) and I thought – oh shit, someone with a small willy complex. I really hate this kind of people… whenever they run out of steam, out comes their dick and how big it is… and they always, always say how much bigger it is than mine (as if they would know!) What is it with these kind of people, is there anything less blatant than this as a desperate cry of male insufficiency? Why would anyone that wasn’t content about their sexuality be it hetero, homo, bi, trans or whatever, go on about direct comparisons on the size of their penis?

The conversation, pathetic as it was continued to reach new sleazy depths as I commented that his age (42) was not as young as I heard earlier in the conversation (something about him being a young lover-boy) – I thought this meant an age closer to 18. He replied that with “U prick” and then said that he was pukingly: “young at heart”! Argh, that’s what you say when you are are 90 and on your deathbed. I cannot stand people saying “young at heart” when they evidently are not. Its the kind of thing you hear from from someones granddad who still gets an erection when watching Vorderman on Countdown in the afternoons.

Its a little unfortunate that I managed to delete the bloody Skype history as I removed Sheona’s listing from Skype in an effort to get away from this idiot. This guy sounded like a right sleazy twat.

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4 thoughts on “Sleazy conversation”

  1. I agree with you. People who talk about thing such as penis size or breast size are dissatisfied with themselves. And, I tire rather quickly, too, with such subjects. I’ll never say that I’m a stallion, but I’m not going to cry either on any inadequacy I might have–which I’m farely satisfied, just so everyone knows. Besides, I have better things to talk about. As I am sure, most of us do. That’s just my two cents.
    BTW, nice site you got here Noah–I mean Nahoo 🙂

  2. I found out it was Corey, Sheona’s boyfriend that played me along. He changed his writing style and fooled me properly! At least what I wrote is a little humourous/true about a certain type of person.

  3. Hello Noah
    what can i say.
    1)just i got a permanent stiffy becaus mine is to short to hang.
    2)a builder with a big drilling maschine may looks impressive but if he use it as a hammer it looks erm kind a stupid.
    so it is better to know how to use it instead of just showing it.

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