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Several days late, the Super Sudoku generator is finally ready for public viewing. The single most annoying part of the large generator was the browser timeout caused by a lack of information sent to the browser.

Yesterday I made the breakthrough to get the generator live, I found the perfect PHP function that forces the browser to display the page when it hasn’t completed loading. This meant that people would no longer wait for a painful length of time to see the next page – now it was instant.

The Super Sudoku generator takes from 10 to 25 seconds to display the puzzle, but as there is an animation and, soon to be, progress bar, the wait is now acceptable. I have noticed that some normal Sudoku generators on the web actually take longer to generate a puzzle despite having to consider 175 less cells.


The Super Sudoku generator can now remember the last grid during the session so that people will not loose their puzzles. A similar feature should be ready for the solvers by the end of the day.

Today we will work on the email functions that send HTML emails to the user’s email address or to a friend. This should encourage more people to join up and prove useful for newspaper Sudokus that accept email entries.

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