Sudoku tournament

I have just returned from The Independent Regional Sudoku Tournament held in a hotel on the seafront of Brighton. Unfortunately, I only managed to complete the first two puzzles in the 45 minutes given. The third puzzle had an annoying error somewhere and the fourth puzzle (probably the hardest) was only half complete when time was called.

Honestly, I doubt that I will make it to the grand final in London as some people there completed their puzzles within 30 minutes. I should have practiced a few more difficult Sudoku puzzles before trying for a place at the final.

Lydia is still working on the Sudoku Solver and generators to improve the logic used to solve and generate the puzzles. The more sophisticated the logic, the more difficult the generated puzzles will be.

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  1. Just wonderin how you heard about the tournament. I want to get involved in some sort of tournament like that, but don’t know where to start. Could you e-mail me wiv details please. Thanks

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