Our Sudoku in a national newspaper

Good news! After 6 months of waiting, we have finally secured a Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku deal with one of the big UK national newspapers. Our Sudoku puzzles will now be played by millions of people in UK throughout the week. More details will be posted here closer to the publishing date.

Samurai Sudoku

For now, if you want to try out your own 5-grid Samurai Sudoku puzzles, go to Sudoku Generator and get a full account there.

Bringing a programmer to a computer and making him work

Its been a busy week for our JavaScript programmer David. As our deadlines were approaching Lydia and I decided that the only way to get the JavaScript Sudoku front-end working in time would be to sit him down at my computer and then feed him for the time it took to complete the task.

JavaScript Sudoku front-end notes

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Super Sudoku solver

Lydia is continuing work on the Sudoku solvers for a 9×9 and 16×16 Sudoku puzzles. I “greyed” out the login bit at the top of the page, but it still looks bad and out of place. I’ll go back to Photoshop and create a special area on the left menu to house the quick login box.

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