Migrating from Office 365 to cPanel IMAP

This was considerably harder than I thought and there is very little online about migrating away from Office 365 to cPanel. This guide makes things much simpler, saving time looking up the relevant arguments and avoiding the mismatches with the names of the main IMAP folders.  You’ll need a copy of the free software: IMAPSync – used to synchronise emails to and from one server to another.

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Stop all WHOIS email spam

Finding that a lot of spammers are grabbing your publicly listed WHOIS email address – sending spam about marketing, web development and fake renewal invoices? Perhaps you don’t want to pay $5+ a year for WHOIS privacy per domain to avoid the spam?

Well, there’s a simple way to stop all of that for free…

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Installing Varnish Cache on a cPanel Server

I’ve recently added Varnish Cache to my server with cPanel installed. Varnish Caching is now installed server-wide. It acts as an invisible intermediary between clients and the server and delivers some major speed improvements, noticeably to Magento and Drupal websites.

The Varnish install script created by Shubham Mathur worked very well but it currently doesn’t consider additional IPs. Also, you’ll need something to amend the $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] server variable to show the client’s IP address and not the server’s.

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Server White Listing for Clients

ConfigServer Firewall has been great at keeping unwanted users at bay on my web servers, but it also causes plenty of problems – notably when the SMTP authentication fails multiple times. This is usually caused by an email account trying to send an email and repeatedly using bad credentials to login. After a short period of time, CSF or cPHulk kicks in and blocks all communication with their website.

Managing this is a pain as there is no way (as far as I can tell) to allow clients to white list themselves when this happens. So, I’ve put up a page on a different server that handles requests for white listing.

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