Leah’s visit

Leah come to visit for a few days at the start of the week. She seems to like it here as there are lots of shops, everyone seems relaxed and it seems more continental than other places.

On Wednesday we walked along the Palace Pier without going on any of the rides. I don’t often go to the pier as it is really tacky and there’s always bad music playing on the loud speakers and, above all, there are loads of tourists around.

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Battles at IKEA and the pigeons live another day

Yesterday, Leah told me more about her day out (literally) at IKEA. At the checkout, she had a problem with the price of the dog basket and caused a huge queue in one of the three tills open that day. She let a couple people with only a few items ahead of her, but this made things worse as one spent 15 minutes getting all of their cards declined one after the other.

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