Sudoku Books

Lydia and I have had our first Times Sudoku books published!

Times Sudoku Books

However, someone forgot to inform me that our Sudoku books are available to buy in book shops… We only found out when checking for our Samurai Sudoku book in Sussex Stationers and finding the Times Sudoku 6 on the shelves.

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Reading Festival

I knew that I wouldn’t have time to create a new entry here on Monday. Anyway, at least I have started on my photo gallery which now has 33 edited photos taken on my phone and using Lydia’s digital camera (both have their problems).

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Tori’s BBQ

Yesterday, Lydia and I went up to Tori’s place for a birthday BBQ. Darien flew over from The Hague with his new girl friend and quite a few of Tori’s work colleagues were there already.

Some of Tori’s guests were surprised on how nice the food was (they hadn’t been before). I had a vodka with lemonade and then a Pimms, but it seemed to go to my head pretty quickly even though I already had quite a bit to eat.

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Sudoku tournament

I have just returned from The Independent Regional Sudoku Tournament held in a hotel on the seafront of Brighton. Unfortunately, I only managed to complete the first two puzzles in the 45 minutes given. The third puzzle had an annoying error somewhere and the fourth puzzle (probably the hardest) was only half complete when time was called.

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