Solve Sudoku for free money!

This is an extreme example of the emails I receive on the Sudoku website…

I want to be able to have to solve puzzles for money and prizes, because the Prize Edition that I have now, but I’m not sure that I’m going to win the $1,000 for doing the three puzzles and writing a little paragraph on when I first realized that I addicted to sudoku, because I really need that money because our family is in a really tight situation and we are really low on money.

Previously he sent:

last year we had a house fire–lost everything. At the same time my husband, who’s 56 was Forced into retirement. We have two sons–13 and 14. We’re only getting 990 from the retirement. Five dollers would make or break milk and bread at the end of the month. Could we work something out so as I can gain full entry to your site—Im way past easy puzzles and am looking for a challenge. thank you.


Short story(i can explain the long one if you’d like) is i can not at this time afford this site. We have 990 a month income, 550 of it goes towards rent. The rest, what there of it, pays the bills. You have an excellent site. Would you consider allowing me a free access pass? we could trade services maybe. i don’t know what that my be. ruth rantwineatgmail

This was thoughtfully sent by: Jay Gartman and his wife (appropriately named: rantwine) in the US. What up-side-down country are they from (the US)?!

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Times Swordfish article

Our first article for the Times Online was published today. It covers the essential techniques to conquer the hardest rated Sudoku in The Times and Sunday Times.

If you ever wanted to know how to solve a Super Fiendish, or if you want to know how you managed in the first place, check out the article and leave a comment.

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Sudoku everyday in the Times

Our Sudoku are in The Times and Sunday Times every day now! Someone thought of a good idea with the text 2 win £1000 each day. The final squares the some of the last possible values indicating that the person has really completed the grid. For the first day’s puzzles, go to the Times Online.

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Sudoku in The Times

Our first batch of Sudoku puzzles will be arriving in The Times on Monday, 13th November.

Times Sudoku preview

In addition to the 4 ratings: Easy, Mild, Difficult and Fiendish, we are introducing a new very hard level: Super Fiendish. These puzzles will always require a solving technique such as triples, x-wing or swordfish. If there is a demand, we can make this rating harder by introducing other solving techniques in the new year.

All ratings will have a better consistency with quite distinct difficulties. Now, the Difficult rating will kept on the rails without occasionally being too easy or too hard for the majority of players. The Fiendish category will remain a challenge to most Sudoku players with exposed and hidden pairs to discover in many puzzles.

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Sudoku Books

Lydia and I have had our first Times Sudoku books published!

Times Sudoku Books

However, someone forgot to inform me that our Sudoku books are available to buy in book shops… We only found out when checking for our Samurai Sudoku book in Sussex Stationers and finding the Times Sudoku 6 on the shelves.

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