Church Club sunk by demented person: Alex

Its been a crazy week. I went to the first and last night of a new club in Brighton. I helped setup the place with Martha at the beginning of the month and then looked after a handful of coats in the cloakroom that night. The “owner”, Alex, had no clue what he was doing and managed to piss off both the clubbers and the staff before the end of its second attempt at a launch night on Friday 1st June (the previous team walked the week before).

I have never witness such a deluded, desperate and dishonest person in my entire life. He blatantly grabbed all the cash out of the bar registers and argued about how little money he was making in front of all the staff and at the bar in clear view of paying customers. As it was a new (well relaunched) club, it takes time to establish itself. Usually, it would take several months or even years to get a club going, yet he wanted it all on the first night of opening.

Alex surveying the final hours of his club

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