Thai Angels Masthead

Thai Angels Massage & Spa

I’ve just launched a new WordPress website for a Thai Angels, a massage parlour in Maida Hill, North West London. After significant mission creep from the “basic” version to a realistic presence for a salon –  it includes chat, a Covid-19 registration form and allows for more complex bookings with payments, the final result is ready.

13th August 2020 non-payment update

Unfortunately, just a few days after its launch, Richard Horwell, the director of Brand Relations decided to simply not pay me for any of the work. So the new website has been taken offline until the debt is settled. Court action is likely as I will need to force Richard to pay for the involved in creating a new website for his wife’s business. I’ll add updates here when they are available. When this is settled, I’ll provide a link to the new design.

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