The crap I get sent

I received some more verbal diarrhoea in this issues Kemptown Rag. Quoted from the article submitted by Margot Bristow [Ma Fine Art] on 10th November 2006:

This series of photographic images explores the concept of identity. Our identities are formed out of a subjective experience of the self, and the image that represents that self in the context we find ourselves.
Photographic images explores the concept of identity
In this work, 2D images are set in resin to create 3D objects. This interactive process is one which isolates an image of the self, both physically and aurally. As a deaf artist, I am exploring the effect of the absence of sound on our memories of people and place.
Through the process of setting the images in resin, the subjective identification of the individual is cut off from its source, leaving the resin objects standing as metaphors for the self. Washed up like pebbles on the beach, these fragments are cut off from sound, constrained; the identities having remade themselves in the process of re-membering and, through this, the memories have become fictitious.

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