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Our Su Doku in The Times

Someone from the Times newspaper emailed me last week, looking for some Sudoku for a special Christmas supplement. I said that we could provide Sudoku that match their existing difficulty ratings (with improvements) and so they took on 72 of our Sudoku from easy to fiendish. The fiendish Sudoku puzzles are actually harder than the usual puzzles in the Times, so if you have a copy of the supplement then these puzzles should take quite a bit longer to complete than normal.

In other Sudoku news, the Big Brain Game Sudoku will appear this Thursday at 8pm on Sky One. Carol Vorderman will present the game show with four other celebreties, one of which won the Strictly Come Dancing competition last night. I’ll write more about the show after it airs to avoid giving anything away.

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2 thoughts on “Times Sudoku”

  1. Why has the Sunday times dumbed down its sudokus for the last three weeks? What used to be a really chewy exercise now takes just a few minutes even for slow old me.

    1. Yes, we know about their recent switch of provider to Puzzler Media – source of very poor quality Sudoku puzzles. Please write to them to complain and perhaps they’ll see the light and switch back to a quality supplier.

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