Tori’s BBQ

Yesterday, Lydia and I went up to Tori’s place for a birthday BBQ. Darien flew over from The Hague with his new girl friend and quite a few of Tori’s work colleagues were there already.

Some of Tori’s guests were surprised on how nice the food was (they hadn’t been before). I had a vodka with lemonade and then a Pimms, but it seemed to go to my head pretty quickly even though I already had quite a bit to eat.

Leah and Will arrived a little later on, they travelled all the way from Cornwall to be there! They were just in time for some of the famous white chocolate cheesecake. It was very good!

We all talked in the garden as the weather got colder. Darien took some photos (which I will add here shortly) and showed us some political cartoons about Busy and Kerry from Unfortunately, Lydia didn’t bring enough warm clothing with her and she was starting to get a little chilled.

Our return journey by train was a bit of a mess. Two people were already at the first platform saw, but they made a mistake as no train would arrive there. So, thanks to this, we missed the first train from Bushey because we were at the wrong side of the station. On the platform at Harrow station we waited inside, but there was a man playing some awful Indian music on his phone in speaker mode. What’s wrong with a head phone?

Almost three hours later we arrived in Brighton. In St. James’s Street there was a full on Gay Pride party taking place. Lydia was pissed off because she only had sandals and there was broken glass everywhere. When someone decided to throw their beer around (and some landed on Lydia’s jumper) she was more angry. Anyway, we both made it back at half-past midnight.

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