Virus scanner double act

Before I start, this is not related to my previous entry in any way. While trying to sort out a broken hard drive, I downloaded a dodgy program that installed a virus (W32.Pinfi) that attached itself to the first few hundred .EXE files on the main drive.

The Mcafee online free scan picked up the virus first. I tried the trial version of AVG 7, but it failed to fix any of the infected files. To my surprise, Norton Antivirus did not detect any problem when I ran a full system scan. However, it did decide to act when I ran a scan from the trial version of AVG 7.

Double virus scanners

It took one virus scanner to "look" at the files and the other to fix it. What a strange way to sort the problem?

Back to my first problem, does anyone know how to sort out my NTFS hard drive? Even though I have not formatted it, everything from start to end seems to be completely void of files. I cannot find any drive or partition tools that can fix the drive. Suggestions very welcome (a bottle of wine/book/dvd to anyone with something that works).

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